Founder’s speech


We are not willing to be an ordinary and mediocre person.

We should advocate the people in the city who love life and health to gradually achieve the joint development of agriculture and industry, joint prosperity of country and city and common enrichment of farmer and worker by consumption of Sanzhuliang’s products with our sincere and conscious nature of mind. If do it, we have the right to be someone. We should gradually form the concept that person’s position should match with his morality, his salary match with his contribution and his activity match with his speech by understanding the culture of Sanzhuliang. If do it, we have the right to be someone. The businesses of Sanzhuliang is in difficult development, and we will work energetically, deal with various challenges calmly and strive to look for the opportunity of development. We do not expect to be the citizen who require to be protected and taken care by the State and other persons and lose the real meaning of life. We will do significant attempt and adventure to achieve the seven strategic dreams of “expanding farmland, seeing cattle and sheep, creating wealth, protecting environment, keeping health, developing agriculture and maintaining stability”. The realization of company strategy needs creation in development and change in development. I am willing to accept failure and success in the creation and change. I am willing to exploit and to be exploited in self-interestedness and altruism. We know that this is the evolution of the balance of the world whether failure or success, or exploiting or to be exploited, and this is the inevitable law of social development whether the failure is the mother of success or the exploitation is eliminated in exploitation. The human’s nature is that heaven is strong and men should constantly strive for self-improvement, so that we are more fearless. In addition, the human’s nature is that the terrain is vast and men should hold world with virtue, so that we are more brave and strong. We are so proud that Sanzhuliang can fully serve the people’s health wholeheartedly and perfectly integrate nature cultivation by culture and life cultivation by corn. Let us work together to strive for the realization of the great dream of Sanzhuliang.