Business Profile


The health maintenance sector of Sanzhuliang is mainly engaged in the control and study of chronic disease, so the nutritional therapy center is specially established. Furthermore, this business sector gradually extends based on the project of intervention effect of embryo naked oat on patients with type II diabetes and eventually achieve the goal of serving people’s health through preventive treatment of disease. The Company widely fuses with all parts of the society via the open and shared cooperation mode. It cooperates with hospitals and research institutes to carry out relevant studies while the on-line user can recuperate in real rehabilitation institutions, and forms the special nutritional therapy mode taking the concept of nature-cultivation by culture, life cultivation by corn and body health by sports as the core. And this mode is monitored and managed by the big data analysis and asks the patient with chronic disease to transform his life style, adjust the dietary structure, understand the health knowledge, accept the training of cultural mentality and develop reasonable sport habits.