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Raw grain storage

As the agricultural enterprise, Sanzhuliang always pays attention to the national grain safety stock and builds six physical low temperature grain depots in which 60,000 tons of raw grain can be stored, so that the Company can not only continuously supply the raw materials for independent production, but also can be the strategic depot for grain stock. This grain depot has applied for national patent. It cannot only effectively guarantee the grain quality during storage, but also save the energy, protect the environment and maintain the temperature between 5 to 15 °C through the year by physical methods.

Production of oat rice

The grains of oats production workshop, with an area of 2,000,000 square meters, uses the patent processing method with independent intellectual property rights and is one of the highest degree of automation and largest production line of grains of oats in China.  The processing capacity of raw oat grain can be up to 100,000 tons per year in case of full load, which can create more than 10 billion production value. At the same time, this workshop is equipped with a fully automatic 3D finished product warehouse in which 10000 tons grains can be stored.

Oat oil and avenacin production

The oat oil of Sanzhuliang is produced by CO2 Supercritical extraction process, so that the manufacturing process is green and environmental friendly and the products are safe. Meanwhile, this production line is now the largest CO2 Supercritical extraction equipment in China, and can ideally separate the oat oil from avenacin and keep the nutrient substances in good condition to maximum extent after the Company overcame a series of technical difficulties. The Sanzhuliang’s oat oil mainly applies to add into the household chemicals and the avenacin to be the raw materials of cereal solid beverage.

Production of oats enzyme

The different enzymes depend on the rational selection of food materials and fermentation technologies, but the oats enzyme, as the quality product in the enzymes and the special health care product, has various functions and bright health maintenance outlook.

The oat enzyme takes the hull-less oats as the main raw materials, and deeply ferments by probiotics to extract the healthy nutrient elements generated through metabolism and is rich in many nutritional ingredients, such as β-glucosan, vitamin, microelements, organic acid, many enzymes and secondary metabolite.  It can effectively improve human’s digestive function and adjust the structure of intestinal flora to promote the absorption of nutrient elements.  Furthermore, it can also play an important effect on fat loose, stomach conditioning, free radical removal, oxidation resistance and blood cleaning.

Production of oat peptide

Sanzhuliang strongly believes that the oat, the magic grain with feature of health care, nutrition and health, is full of treasures. Moreover, following the oat rice, oat oil and avenacin, the Company produces the oat peptide by its own production process developed independently, indicating it enters the biological and microcosmic field. Sanzhuliang can extract the oat peptide with higher purity due to its advanced technology; in particular, its enzymolysis alleviating technology, as the important control point, is at the leading position in the industry that can support the functions of oat peptide. The birth of Sanzhuangliang oat peptide could bright new ideas and highlights for nutritional therapy in the field of medical health.