Business Profile



“Sanzhuliang Oat Industrial Park” is a large modern hi-tech industrial park integrated with innovation, scientific research, industrial production, tourism and health maintenance, with a cost of 1 billion and an area of 183000 m2.

The park gathers up many personalized tourist experience projects, such as top photographic art, aerospace technology exhibition, oat processing automation production line, popularization of oat science, public library, children education and health maintenance to form a comprehensive tourism area combining with culture, art, scientific technology and industry sightseeing. Therefore, it is the first choice of relaxation, taking holiday, rehabilitation, studying and recreation for all parts of society owing to its strong ornamental value, interactivity and experience.

The tourist can see the whole production process of safe food in the park, realize the latest research achievements of oat, feel the traditional culture, enjoy the top photographic art, experience the leading aerospace technology, taste the special oat meals, understand the knowledge about health maintenance so as to fully clean his body and soul.