Business Profile

Thousand-mu (Chinese measurement unit) operating unit

The Company plans to develop the small family farm in the unit of thousands of mu (1 mu=666.7m2) of cultivation and breeding through the implementation of supporting technologies, integration of land resources and unified management, and promote farmers to become rich by agricultural technology mode. In such mode, we are going to plant oats and tea crops and feed 1000 sheep (including 200 basic ewes, 800 lambs and fattening sheep) on more than 1,000 mu of land. This operating unit can make the farmer feed 1000 sheep, plant 150000 kg of oats or 2500000 kg of potatoes to create a direct economic benefits of 350,000 yuan. At present, the company has a demonstration base of 20,000 mu in Guyang County, which plays an active role in promotion of agricultural development and farmers’ life. The thousand-mu operating unit mode is based on the company’s seven strategies—expanding farmland, seeing cattle and sheep, creating wealth, protecting environment, keeping health, developing agriculture and maintaining stability- to establish ecological and organic circulation development mode and improve local economic, social and ecological benefits through replicable planting and breeding innovation manner.